About Us


Toms Log Homes & Cabins is a family based business, located in Tasmania, which was established in the late 1990’s.

The business founder Tom Triffitt began his building career in the 1970’s building traditional style homes. A family holiday to the United States & Canada first introduced him to log style homes & cabins, where he fell in love with the natural beauty of these constructions. Tom felt that as beautiful as these constructions were in the American Forests, they would also be an amazing fit in the rugged Tasmanian Bush and a few years later Toms Log Homes & Cabins was born.

Why solid timber houses?

Solid Timber construction is the house-building method of today and of the future. In terms of both construction costs and ecology, solid timber houses guarantee a durable, environmentally friendly and high quality home for generations.

Wood is a strong, energy efficient material that creates warm, healthy, safe and not least economical living environments. The use of wood as a renewable construction material guarantees low carbon emission building, a permanent incentive towards reforestation and the storage of CO2.

A solid timber house does not lead to deforestation. On the contrary, when FSC and PEFC certified, it guarantees a sustainable management of forests and even an increase of forest areas in Australia and the entire world.