How big can a transportable cabin be made?

Maximum width 5.5m, Maximum length 16m. Cabins can be joined in sections, with different floor shapes created.

For example T shape floor plan, L shape floor plan, C shape floor plan.

Two story cabins can still be transportable. These are built in two sections and put together with a crane after arriving on site.

Where can my cabin be transported?

We can transport log cabins anywhere in Tasmania, provided the road is suitable. In some instances a crane can be used to lift the cabin into place once on site.

How much will my cabin cost?

The cost of a log cabin will vary depending on its size, style, fittings and fixtures etc.

Please visit our pricing page or contact us for a more accurate estimate to meet your needs

Can I customise my own design?

Absolutely! Floor plans shown on this webpage are just a small sample of the possibilities. We have a recommended architect, Starbox Architecture, who has helped many of our clients bring their ideas to life and understands the possibilities and limitations of our transportable cabin.  

What types of wall claddings can I use?

We generally clad our cabins with solid timber logs or timber cladding although we have done feature walls with stone, texture coatings, corrugated iron just to name a few. If you have an idea, there is a good chance we can make something work.

Are log cabins environmentally friendly?

Are log cabins energy efficient?